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Camping International

Autoclub og Bobilfolket ønsker Camping International vellkommen!

Families survival vacation

Date: week 30 24 July to 28 July week 32 7 August to 11 August 2017.

Delightful 5 days with the whole family at a campsite in the Belgian

Ardennes. Time for yourself, for your family and for a fantastic survival program! You arrive at Camping International in Bomal sur Ourthe, located directly on the banks of the Ourthe in the Belgian Ardennes. And then the 5-day survival program begins:

On monday is the first encounter with the fellow holidayers and the accompaniment. Following is a joint lunch, in which the program will be discussed for the rest of the day. That program is the first afternoon of building rafts using materials that are ready. In addition to some usefulness, nautical-technical experience is not unnecessary, as you should check these rafts on their buoyancy during your trip on the Ourthe!

New activities to be booked in advance by Macventure

Geo-Cooking Geo-Hiking + Outdoorcooking Geo-Hiking

Geo-hiking a game and walk with a map and description looking for treasure. Such a cache is, for example, a bag or a coin casserole with ingredients for the Outdoorcooking. Outdoorcooking Great enjoyment of nature and fantastic food, experience outdoor cooking! Enjoy the adventure prepared by one or more of our outdoor cooks. We cook for you or with you! We really go back to basics by cooking with pans and a tripod bbq on a wood fire. After a Geo-Hike with friends, family or colleagues, enjoy a great meal and great food at the campsite. We make it possible! Outdoor cooking will be the highlight of the day. Our enthusiastic instructors will cook for you or with you. You can also choose to cook in a workshop with the chefs. Outdoor cooking is still educational too!

Voorlopig programma live muziek 2017: Provisional program live music 2017:

03-03-2017 Weer open

25-03-2017 Openingsfeest Schlagersfestival

15-04-2017 Paasweekend Carnaval Thema & Tappa's weekend

29-04-2017 Beaujolais weekend en Live muziek Ives Van Mol

20-05-2017 Ives van mol

26-05-2017 Hemelvaart weekend & Live muziek Bob color

03-06-2017 Pinskteren met sing a long Paul Duisterwinkel

15-07-2017 Country weekend Ives van Mol en Countryclub

22-07-2017 Ives van mol za avond en zondag middag

28-07-2017 Ives van mol za avond en zondag middag

04-08-2017 Jamweekend samen muziek maken

11-08-2017 Bob color levende jukebox

02-09-2017 Seizoensafsluit

Oktober 17 Halloween programma volgt

11-11-2017 Jaarmarkt met Ives van Ives Van Mol en s avonds Pekkerke Pek

Camping International

Pré Cawiai 3

6941 Bomal sur Ourthe Durbuy Belgische Ardennen

Provincie Luxemburg


Tel: +32 498 629 079

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